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Learn how to use the art of Ayurveda to find sustainable health, true harmony and integration in your life in our modern age of stimulation, speed and disconnection.

Have you ever been curious about Ayurveda? And wanted to learn how and why to utilize it in your life?

Join Ayurvedic Chef, Teacher, Yogini, and Writer; Insiya Rasiwala-Finn for a groundbreaking course steeped in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, yet focused on offering practical insights to help you find balance, ease, purpose, and presence in modern life.

This course will help you to 

  1. Understand yourself truly, so you can make choices to help optimize your wellness; and work with your patterns to create balance where there may be imbalances.
  2. Create daily rituals that are mapped according to your biorhythms so you can live more in flow with life.
  3. Learn how to eat for your constitutional type.
  4. Work with your emotions.
  5. Feel at ease in your Self.


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The Yoga Sutras is one of the most influential texts in Yoga. However, understanding its wisdom requires a knowledgeable guide to crack the code. Eoin wants to take advantage of his 25 years of study of this text and share these pearls of wisdom in easy-to-understand language and concepts. You will see this course has implications not just for Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Living. It has powerful insights into the nature of mind, psychology end even modern neuroscience. Many courses and commentaries on the Yoga Sutras bend and dilute its message to make it more palatable for modern sensibilities. However, by the end of the course, you will be crystal clear on what the text is actually saying. As well, Eoin will share his exciting and fresh insights into how you can incorporate the powerful, ancient knowledge of the Yoga Sutras into your life.


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This 3 week interactive module will take you through a slough of topics handpicked by Eoin to inspire and indulge your love of nature, interest in the tao, and appreciation of the transcendentalists.

Enjoy reading, digesting, and discussing the great concepts that tie together ancient yogic texts, nature, ecology, sustainability, and community during this course. Learn how to infuse this deep knowledge and accessible admiration of the earth into your daily practice and teachings.

Topics Include

  • Movement
  • Ocean Worship
  • Eastern Philosophy Compliments Western Philosophy’s Findings
  • Nature Appreciation
  • Meditation
  • Psychology
  • Blissology Discussions
  • Blissology rituals–bringing nature and community into classes as a central focus
  • Balancing Fun and Zen; humor with depth

This course also includes an incredible manual written by Eoin Finn to help you understand Yogic By Nature.

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