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Superflow™ “Flow State Fitness” is an evolutionary movement art, created by master teacher Eoin Finn that blends the focus and integration of yoga with chi movements and organic surf inspired flow. 

Goals of the course:

1) To provide a feeling of flow in body and mind

2) The Yin Channel: to be able to use body-mind fluidity to create slow, soft and calming experiences

3) The Yang Channel: to also be able to create movements that tone the body and increase fitness but also keep it lose, flexibility and agile.

4) Whether the movements of Yin or Yang, the priority is to maximize fluidity and move away from rigid or robotic movements

5) The use flow to access the energy body as we unlock our Chi

6) To create classes that can be include fun and release our “joy body.”

7) To create classes that can be fun or soulful

8) To create a state of flow in our minds as well as our bodies.

9) To understand not just static alignment principles but to grasp the concepts of alignment applied to movement.

10) To create classes that are in harmony with nature and the ocean. To shift our consciousness from one of dominion over Nature to reverent collaboration” with Nature.