Video 2: Energy

To recap from session one.

There is a place of contentment and an ability to witness our thoughts inside our minds. When we slow down more, we can sense it.

Yogis say that when we are in touch with our quiet space inside, we are in connection to the soul (Purusha)

We are not just material nature, say the yogis, we are spirit as well. Meditation and a quiet mind will allow us to feel this spirit called Purusha (or "Atman" in some traditions)

I am open to this possibility and a lot of session one was about presenting the yogic view as per the Yoga Sutras. I think it is important to honor and explore what they are saying before we deviate from their message.

We are making a departure here from traditional yoga in this sense. Particularly, the idea that we have a consciousness that exists before the brain and long after the body dies. We are not saying the yogis are wrong, we are just filing it under the header of possibility right now. It is possible that what they are saying is true, but we can press pause on this idea and refocus our attention on other topics that we have opened up.

I want to introduce the idea of being a "possibilian" - It is possible what the Yogis are saying is true I don't know if we have a spirt that lives on after the body dies. It is possible that what reductionist science is saying is true, that we are just a body and mind that goes black when we die and nothing more.

As I mention in this video, I want us to be grounded in science AND the possibility of the metaphysical. We need to keep one foot in each world; I hope that we do not get too reductionistic nor too far removed from physical reality with our loftiness.

We have looks at the question, are we just a brain and nervous system or is there something more? We have explored the question, when we are in a quiet space of meditation, what are we in touch with?

When I answer those questions, what I can not deny, is that we have energy. By energy, I mean a "subtle communication system."

I believe from my experience that we are a body inside and energy field. I hope over this course as we practice yoga and meditation together, you feel this more as well.

This course is about regulating our thoughts, our body systems so we can feel peace inside. What we call Embodied Peace.

But it doesn't end there. I want us to be better managers of energy. The more we feel Embodied Peace, the more we feel energy. At the same time, the more we feel energy, the more we can experience Embodied Peace.

One massive goal of this course and Blissology to "deinstall" the preinstalled software of our culture that says, just program your energy field to say, "Don't bug me, I won't bug you."

Instead, we want to develop the habit and skill of blessing people silently through our energy fields.

We will look now at the concept of the Gunas with the idea of being better managers of Energy and also to regulate our bodies, our thoughts our hormones and nervous system back to peace.

I can't wait to share!

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