Overview of Commit to Bliss 1

"Commit to Bliss" is the foundation of Blissology. We will learn to steer our minds and bodies back to peace using "top down" and "bottom up" principles and practices. 

I want to share knowledge from wisdom traditions as well as from my journals. I will ask questions that help you analyze your path to bliss, as well as offer you tools to help bring us back to "embodied peace," to help us find balance and to and make us better managers of our energy.

The are 6 Sessions to this Course

Session One: to Explore Yoga Philosophy

Session Two: We start to explore Energy + the Nature of Modern Living

Session Three: Is about the Somatic Experience and “Embodied Peace” 

Session Four: Embodied Physiology Why + How We Breath, Blissology Breath Techniques 

Session Five: How to find our Developmental Edge,Processing Dark Emotions + Steering our minds

Session Six: Mastering Energy and the Subtle Communication we Share

It is an honor and a joy to share this experience together 

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