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00:47:21 Elizabeth Walsh: I have to run, thank you for sharing and holding this space for us! Have a good night or a good rest of your day!

00:51:34 Anna Peshock: Just a comment on the good/bad connotation of Rajas, Tamas, Sattva - I think they are symbiotic and we need one to understand the others. All about awareness!

00:51:53 Theresa Schiessl: I agree 100%

00:52:08 Anna Peshock: Also would highly recommend “shaking and dancing” technique for energy release!

00:52:34 Lang: Yes all round!

00:53:11 Theresa Schiessl: I agree. For me using raja energy - going to an estactic dance will also increase my sattvic energy afterwards.. - if that makes sense

00:55:21 Anna Peshock: Yes!! It’s a bit like the breathing techniques but using the whole body

00:55:35 Lang: Absolutely Theresa! Similar, it seems to me, to how after moving things out in a yoga practice we feel bliss/satva in savasanna.

00:55:55 Anna Peshock: ^^ 100% agree!

01:08:12 Lang: I also loved what James said because it gets at how life is an ongoing lesson in learning to love and flourish.

01:18:39 Anna Peshock: I have to run - Thank you all so much!! Its been wonderful to share these discussions and learnings with you :)

01:19:13 Theresa Schiessl: yes anna <3 have a beautiful day :)

01:19:17 Lang: Thanks, Karolanne! I love your story and analogy. SO good!

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