Lower the bar. Remove the Pressure to Create Great Sequences

OK, I’m willing to bet that we all love being in a class with great sequencing.  We all want to create great sequences.  But where do we start?

Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share.

What if I told you the first step to any creative process is this: Relax.  Relax, how can I relax? There are so many teachers in my studio who have amazing sequences.  My instagram is flooded with time lapses of funky flows made by people with hundreds of thousands of followers.  How do I not get left behind when everyone else is so damn creative?

However, the starting place is to not get caught in those thought loops.  This pressure to be creative only makes you less creative.  Relax.  The first trick to creating great sequences is to remove the pressure on yourself to create great sequences! 

How do I not get into Negative Thought Loops?

Remember one of our Key Blissology Mantras: “Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share.”

You have to step out of the field of “greater than and less than” that most people get stuck in.  Step out of the realm of comparison.  

As you will hear me say over and over again, stay connected to the “tether of feeling.”  Just explore movement through the lens of what feels good TO YOU.  Don’t worry about how it feels to others initially.  And definitely don’t feel like it has to be a creative masterpiece right from the start.  

Remember Simple is Good: 

Someone (Sarah) wrote in the comments for this course: “I just fall back on Warrior 2 to triangle.” Don’t stress about that.  You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.  Most of us have familiarity with the Yoga Honey Routine which is a basic, straight forward routine.  It’s not the most creative flow of all time.  

But it feels good to people.  90 percent of what matters is how you share your class.  Be in your delight.  Even if poses are simple, we will soon share more tools to make sure that they are sensual and simple, not dry and simple.  Sometimes the way we connect to the breath or move our hands makes the difference often and not the degree of our creativity.  

Share recipes you love with others.  

Approach designing sequences like you would approach hosting a dinner party

When you are hosting a dinner party, do you feel pressure to have people like your food? 

This is the head and heart space we need to occupy 

I need to design sequences that feel good to me and

simply share them

Lower your pressure. You don't have to make the most creative sequences. 

We will help you get into embodied to open up your intuition more

Don’t worry, we won’t leave the conversation here that you just need to do simple poses with feeling and to lower your pressure.  A large part of this course is about the process of getting in touch with feeling. From connection to feeling comes increased intuition.  From intuition comes creativity.  Especially towards the last weeks of this course, we will really shift our emphasis here.   

In the meantime, know that when I am creating sequences, I start by relaxing and not forcing the creative process. Sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Just stick with these key takeaways for now: 

When teaching I commit to relaxing into my greatness.  I will do it with Love and the right intention.   

I don't have to teach anything... I GET TO share something that I Love!

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