How Much Exercise vs Relaxation

What it the main thing that is shaping how this practice feels? I believe that the Main thing that shapes modern yoga is this this question:

How much exercise is this practice vs relaxation do I want this class to be?

These approaches are very polarized (do you agree?)

In modern yoga, it tends to be either all Exercise or it's all Relaxation

Classes are Yin or hot, sweaty Vinyasa.

There are Pros and Cons to each approach

We live in a culture where our nervous system is over-stimulated. Our eye, ears and other senses are overloaded. Our phones keep us switched on and we are like cyborgs - part human, part google.

Our Nervous systems were not made for this much stimulaltion

This is why we should always include deep relaxation in every class

We are too concerned about "achieving" the perfect pose. Too many people are stuck wondering, "how does this look?"

And it pulls you away from the big Bllissology Question: "How does this FEEL?"

We need to feel more as a culutre... We are too caught up with how things look

It's hard to heal when you can't feel

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