Tools for Heating and Calming in Vinyasa Yoga

Heating poses aren't bad.

The question is: Are the poses I choose taken me towards or away from the feeling I want to leave?

Don't lose the tether of feeling

Techniques for creating more heating and calming

The 2 Main Tools are Tempo and Resisting Gravity

We have families of poses according the part of the body we want to open up.

The Genus means we change our shape relative to gravity (see align your yoga course for more)

EG: Firefly and Upavista Konasana are the same pose but one requires more energy to resist gravity so it's more heating

If you want to create more heat, make people resist gravity

If you want to calm people down, don't use so many "gravity-resisting" poses.

And the "Genus" is a change in our relationship with Gravity.

For a Quiet Mind class, I don't want many "gravity-resisting "poses.

Think of the Feeling you want to leave as a "Spell" you are putting on people

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