Intention and Feeling

Every class needs to start with one question: What feeling do you want to share? 

We always need to start with Intention.  Too many yoga teachers aren’t aware of this so their classes tend to lack direction. 

The sequences that you build need to be grounded in intention.  

Make a commitment to always know what the feeling you want to people to have at the end of this practice. 

Simply, name three adjectives that you want people to feel in your class.  Keep checking in with people often.  Are you leading towards this intention or drifting further away.

As we say often in Blissology, “Yoga is a Feeling and not just a Shape.” In the

same way, “yoga sequences are about sharing a feeling and not just a bunch of poses strung together.”  

Knowing the feeling you are guiding your practice towards is the rudder that

will help steer you in the right direction. 

It will shape what poses you chose to include as well as the way you teach. 

Another way of looking at this question is the opposite of what do you want people to feel: What do you NOT want people to feel? 

What needs to be released?

Eg: I don't want to feel tension, but I want to feel open and expanded.

I don’t want to feel so scattered, I need grounding, etc.  

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