The Gunas and Sequencing

In Blissology, we like to explore the 3 Gunas through the Lens of Your Nervous System

1 Rajas is Stimulating

In Modern Culture, we have a lot of Stimulation; phones, technology, travel, meetings, busy-ness, coffee and even our exercise is driven by fitbits that make sure we are receiving our marching orders.

This Rajasic Energy and it is Addictive

We associate the High Alert State of Rajas with Bliss

A lot of Sequencing is about managing Rajasic Energy

Letting people experience some Rajas is good.

But it's a skill to bring them back down

2 The next Guna is Tamas which is Burn-Out, often from too much stimulation. We disconnect from our inner source of light.

3) Sattva is calm, peaceful, introverted energy. It refills our energy reserves and plugs us back in to a power greater than us.

Contrasting Sattva and Rajas from a Blissology Perspective

Rajas is Sympathetic "Fight or Flight" Tone

Sattva is Parasympathetic Nervous System Tone

The goal is always to bring people to Sattva

The beginning and the end start with Sattva

Without Sattva Yoga is just calethetics 

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