Welcome, Course Overview + Goals

Welcome to Blissology Yoga Foundations

The definitive place to start your yoga journey or to learn new ways of using yoga for optimal performance.

You know the saying, "give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, and they will eat forever." Well, you are here to learn how to fish. All too often, people are asked to do complicated things in gravity without the proper knowledge of how the body works. Those days are over and this course sets the Gold Standard.

Friends, simply don't let friends do yoga without first doing this course.

I want to share what took me my first 15 years of yoga in five sessions

I want you see a whole new way of viewing yoga asana. It is not just flexibility but a understanding how the forces of tension and compression go through the body so your joints are happiest.

You will gain incredible neuromuscular control that will carry over in all of life's activities.

Don't learn bad habits that you will have to fix later.

This course includes 4 sessions:

  • Session One: Introduction to Blissology
  • Session Two: Asana Lab 1 + Yoga Flow
  • Session Three: Asana Lab 2 + Yoga Flow
  • Session Four: Asana Lab 3 + Yoga Flow

Excluding the introduction, each session will have daily Asana Labs where we spend about 15 minutes per pose.

Then we will will work towards progressively teaching you how to practice the Blissology Yoga Honey Short Form practice.

You will be set for a daily practice on your own. One that heals and nourishes you.

We are excited to be on this journey together!

Namaste & Aloha,

Eoin Finn

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