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Join our Global Classroom with students from all around the world who have also enrolled in Blissology Yoga Foundations Course! This Facebook Group is our way of connecting our community together so that you can post thoughts, discussions, and ideas and share them with each other. This will be a rolling Facebook Group, meaning it will remain active for any students who have enrolled in this course. This is your safe space to have fun with one another and form friendships. Scroll through any discussions, posts and feel free to like comments and/or post your own! We can't wait to see what conversations you create together.

We hope you enjoy the course. We're super stoked about it and cannot wait for you to experience Yogic by Nature with Eoin Finn!

To join our Yoga Foundations Facebook group, simply click here --> BLISSOLOGY YOGA FOUNDATIONS GLOBAL CLASSROOM!

Please note: the Facebook Page is your social classroom! If you have specific questions for Blissology or feedback that you wish to share with us, please email [email protected] and we will aim to get back to your questions/feedback quickly!

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